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Search Engine Optimisation Guide

The search engines Google, Bing Yahoo wants its users to get the most relevant results, so the more specific you are with your title and descriptions the more likely you will be placed at the top spot on page 1 for your Holiday Rental.

Beware of companies cold calling or emailing you telling you they can guarantee you a page one position on all the major search engines this is only possible using Google Adwords or Bing Advertising which is in the form of Pay Per Click advertising, on each page of search results you will see a highlighted box with three paid adverting placements.

1, We know this can be a pain rewriting another listing but this will maximise your chances of letting your property out more often than your competitors. Most Holiday Rental owners will copy and paste their listing from one website to our site as it is fast and easy, please dont do this as we want to help you to maximise your Holiday Lettings. Less viewings equals less opportunities for you to make money.

Be specific when listing your property and don't spam the search engines with loads of keywords as they are very clever at spotting over used keywords which are not relevant on websites. Only write what you need, for example if you have a 2 bedroom property in Marbella Spain your title should be like this,

SEO Title

"2 Bedroom Apartment Marbella Costa Del Sol Spain" Written like this your title is the most relevant it can be, it is exact and to the point. If you do a search on  Google using these terms you will see exactly what we mean.

A 2 Bedroom apartment is what you are listing, Marbella is its locality, Costa Del Sol is where it is and Spain is the country it resides in, you cannot be anymore specific than that, you are giving someone who is looking for a property like yours exactly what they want, you are more likely to get extra bookings. You can make slight variations to the title with maybe the apartment name as people who have stayed in the complex before may want to stay there again. Here is an example,

"2 Bedroom Apartment Colina Park Marbella Costa Del Sol"

Capitalize the beginning of each word in your title as when a user makes a search it will jump out of the page at them, Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines will bold all of the words, see for yourself. What you write in the title is very important and will help you get that no.1 spot on the first page of the search engines.

SEO Description should be to the point, put all your best features at the front of the description as Google, Yahoo and Bing only allow a certain amount of words to be shown in the search result, although Google will pull words from anywhere on your listing if it thinks that they are relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

Here is some examples of a description,

SEO Description

If you do a search on Google and type in the titles below you will see that if this was your listing it would show every time.

"2 Bedroom Apartment Marbella Costa Del Sol Sleeps 1"

"2 Bedroom Apartment Marbella Costa Del Sol Sleeps 2"

"2 Bedroom Apartment Marbella Costa Del Sol Sleeps 3"

"2 Bedroom Apartment Marbella Costa Del Sol Sleeps 4"

It will choose your listing over "2 Bedroom Apartment Marbella Costa Del Sol Sleeps 2-4 people"

The way we recommend you do it is more relevant to the searcher and will result in more bookings for you, remember to capitalise every word in your titles and descriptions.

You can try experimenting with your Titles and Descriptions, once inserted in to your listing it may take a few days to a few weeks for the search engines to list your changes, Google is quite quick sometimes it will change in 1-2 days.

When adding your titles to your listing imagine you are the person searching for a property would you yourself when searching for a Holiday Rental type in to the Google search box "Lovely Apartment in Spain', probably not so don't ad that to your Title.

We want your property to be found online easily as you need maximum occupancy to make your Holiday Letting as profitable as possible, following our basic guide will help you achieve this.

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