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Advertise My Villa - Advertise Your Holiday Rentals Holiday Lettings.

Listing your holiday rental has never been cheaper and easier. Why? Because we are offering you the opportunity to rent your holiday home and cottage for a low one off fee. To Advertise Holiday Rentals, it usually requires more work than you probably want to put into it. Never mind your budget. However, for owners who wish to list their property for free together with the freedom to make the choices of exactly how they want to present their property, your best bet is with My Holiday Rentals. 

Whether your property is luxurious, stylish, subdued, or classic, we have the renters searching for what you have to offer. If you are concerned about your location, there is no need to be. Whether your rental is situated in Bora Bora near Tahiti or in the middle of Western Europe, advertising with our website gives you the opportunity to allow potential renters from around the world to view the accommodation you are proposing. To top it off, you will find that our site is easy to navigate and highly functional. Thereby, making it simpler for you to advertise your villa within a matter of minutes! 

Not only do you get to Advertise Holiday Villas Free for 6 months, you receive several benefits as well. Some of the advantages you will receive by advertising with My Holiday Rentals are:

Free registration along with the possibility of viewing your advertisement exactly as it will appear to new renters

Your quality photos of your rental property will appear as clear and detailed as the original 

It's your rental and your price. You can select whatever fee you feel is comfortable to attract the type of renters you prefer

With our site, potential renters have the opportunity to see and gather information about your property. In addition, your rental will be listed by the date it becomes available along with a rating system on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 

The site is your conduit to reach thousands of potential renters. We will assist you with getting your rental booked at the highest possible rate; therefore, there is less work for you to do. 

Then again, the benefits of advertising, for free, with My Holiday Rentals do not stop there! Extras include:

All major social media networks will have the chance to view your listing including Facebook, Twitter, and more

A photo up-loader will capture the interest of renters

You will receive 7 days of unequivocal support for your listing

Web links and videos are recommended to get the best possible feedback for your rental

Travellers will be able to pinpoint your property via Google map locator along with the adjacent areas

Our site is popular and trustworthy; therefore, you can feel secure that your property will be rented fast and for the best possible fee, when you select to highlight your property within the holiday season

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by advertising your rental with us. One good hand deserves another; therefore, you can expect top results as a consequence of placing your rental advertisement with our website. When it comes time for your property to be rented, just turn to My Holiday Rentals and we will erase any insecurities you might have about your property being rented out when you want and how you want. It's easy.

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